Synergistic Approach to Secondaries

Our Investment Banking and Fund Placement teams work together on Secondaries transactions. By combining the specialized knowledge and capabilities of both teams, we offer a holistic service with differentiated execution. Our investment banking team brings deep understanding of the financials and underlying KPIs of each portfolio company, while our fund placement team offers up-to-date private market insights and a comprehensive network of LP contacts. Our network of buyers include dedicated secondary funds, pension funds, fund of funds, endowments, private equity firms, family offices, and more.

Pricing and Certainty to Close

Our clients seek to achieve the best possible price for their assets. We craft targeted narratives that showcase each asset’s strengths and growth potential. By aligning these narratives with secondary buyers' investment preferences, we position assets to maximize appeal and drive competitive bidding.

Certainty of Close

Our clients value a high degree of certainty that the transaction will close once terms are agreed upon. This involves minimizing execution risk through careful planning, due diligence, structuring, and negotiation to address potential issues that could arise during the transaction.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Given the sensitive nature of investment positions, performance data, and portfolio company metrics, clients often require that transactions be conducted with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Maintaining privacy is an essential part of our process.