Investment Banking Services


Experienced M&A advisor to private technology-enabled companies


We bring a high level of service and tailored advice to private technology-enabled companies. Our exclusive focus on the technology sector and deep market knowledge drives value creation and long-term success for our clients. We are routinely retained by portfolio companies of leading venture capital and growth equity firms as well as independent companies seeking an experienced M&A advisor.


We manage efficient processes to maximize shareholder value while minimizing distraction to management. By leveraging 50+ years of collective experience of corporate finance, capital markets, structuring, and accounting, our M&A team guides our clients towards successful outcomes. We recognize that each client's situation is different and specialize in working alongside our client to develop customized strategies.


Our responsibility is to thoroughly prepare, manage, and guide clients through the M&A process. Our M&A team is comprised of senior bankers who have worked together for the majority of their careers. They not only bring decades of Wall Street investment banking experience, but also possess technology, operations, financing, and accounting expertise. We believe this differentiated, multi-disciplinary approach is a key success factor in driving value for our clients.


We have closed numerous cross-border M&A transactions since our inception. Leveraging our extensive network of senior-level professionals and experience with cross-border transactions, we are able to optimally position our clients to relevant acquirers globally to maximize valuation.

Equity Financing

Helping companies secure capital for growth, recapitalization, and shareholder liquidity

Capital for Growth – Venture & Growth Equity

We help our clients identify institutional investors who can bring both capital and strategic support to accelerate growth. We combine originating and structuring experience to give entrepreneurs the ability to weigh their options and make the best decisions.

Efficient Process

We specialize in managing a disciplined capital raising process that allows entrepreneurs to do what they do best: growing their businesses. With our decades of experience and extensive network, we can effectively position our clients to the key decision-makers at each venture capital, growth equity, private equity and strategic investor, so that our clients' time is used as efficiently as possible.

Shareholder Liquidity

As founders often have the majority of their net worth invested in their business, proceeds from an equity financing may be used for shareholder liquidity. We have successfully structured financings to help diversify a founder’s risk profile while maintaining a meaningful stake in the company.

Optimizing Deal Structure

Valuation may be the first thing on a term sheet, but we believe the rest of the terms are just as important. By assessing our client's capital structure and utilizing our market insights, we thoughtfully navigate our clients through the negotiation process and obtain the most favorable deal terms.

Debt Financing

Assisting growth companies with raising debt, ranging from venture debt to cash flow / leveraged loans.


We help originate and structure debt solutions for clients who are looking to use debt to support their growth. Debt is often used instead of equity to mitigate further dilution, can be cheaper than equity and add diversity to the capital structure.


Sparring Partners utilizes a strong global network of traditional and non-traditional lenders to help our clients identify appropriate borrowing sources to match their financing needs whether it is venture debt, senior debt, or mezzanine debt.


We have advised many private equity funds and their portfolio companies on sourcing flexible debt capital to finance acquisitions, growth, and dividend recapitalizations.


Sparring Partners’ senior debt team previously worked together on Debt Capital Market desks at top Wall Street firms.