Fund Placement Services

Fund Placement

Leading fund placement firm for select venture, growth and buyout funds globally


Our nimble and experienced team works with GPs to achieve and often exceed their fundraising goals in a timely manner. Our in-depth market insight allows us to navigate GPs through the dynamic fundraising environment. By focusing on a limited number of differentiated engagements at any given time, we are fully aligned with our clients.


We have advised over 20 leading venture capital, growth equity, and buyout funds and raised over $5 billion of institutional capital over the past decade. Our track record and focus on client service have resulted in numerous long term GP relationships, which have led to multiple repeat mandates. Between fundraising periods, we work closely with our clients as their trusted advisor on investor relations and brand awareness.


We maintain strong relationships with institutional LPs and have a reputation for representing high quality GPs and alternative investment strategies. As a result, we have unique insight into the investment strategies and allocations of global institutional investors.


Our team brings a unique skillset comprised of investor relations, investment banking, and capital markets experience, enabling us to effectively present our clients’ investment strategies and track records, as well as the stories behind their portfolio companies. Our entire fund placement team is committed and involved in every mandate.